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Teacher training - InLingua Edinburgh

E+ Teacher Training

Edinburgh is a fantastic destination to brush up on your English language skills. Teachers of English as a foreign language or education professionals from within the EU can apply for Erasmus+ funding to study this course.
inlingua Edinburgh offers a two week English Teacher Refresher Course throughout the year for people from all over the world. We can also offer a one week course for closed groups. Courses are designed for teachers of English at Primary, Secondary and Adult education level. The courses are also suitable for teachers of other subjects who teach in English (CLIL). The course includes a General English component to allow teachers to improve their fluency in English and there is also an extensive Scottish Culture programme. Our courses are led by qualified and experienced teacher trainers who work for inlingua Edinburgh, at Edinburgh University and other educational establishments in the UK.
inlingua Edinburgh believes in offering continuous professional development to teachers and tries to design a suitable course around the individual’s needs and requirements. We hope to make your stay in Edinburgh both educational and enjoyable, and to give you the opportunity of meeting other teachers from all over the world.
Effective Communication and Practical Teaching Skills with an Introduction to Scottish Culture
This course is designed for professionals and educators who wish to enhance their practical teaching skills in English. There is also an opportunity to improve speaking and listening skills and fluency in the Spoken Performance Sessions. The course includes an Introduction to Edinburgh and The Scottish Arts and The Edinburgh Festival in July and August.